The person you become, the person you’re allowing yourself to be right now — every day is a result of the choices you make and what you tolerate.

And that, my beautiful friend, is why I created my new program, cut the crap & step into your power.

Inside, we dig into 17 powerful and simple shifts you can make now in order to make space for the life you dream about.  

We dive into things like: 

  • Ditching excuses 

  • Leaving disappointment behind

  • How the phrase, "That's just the way I am" is the biggest lie ever

  • How multi-tasking robs your peace (and your productivity)

  • Why waiting for motivation steals your life

  • Control is utterly exhausting 

  • How complaining wires your brain, and then programs your body, to feel like crap

  • You are not your mind (you really don't have to believe everything you think, and usually you shouldn't)

  • Feeling feelings leads you to the ultimate position of power

  • And SO. MUCH. MORE.

I can’t wait any longer! I want this course!

"OMG I love this! We all have days when the shit in our heads gets in the way of showing up and playing full out! Cut the Crap and Step Into Your Power is the perfect, loving kick in the pants for the days you feel like doubting yourself, your why and your greatness."

Seema Bharwani


Here’s how it goes down:

  • This is a self-guided program, which means you get to go at your own pace. 

  • Feeling inspired and want to spend the weekend diving in? Go for it. 

  • Prefer to take it 1 shift per week? Sounds great.

  • Have a few friends enroll with you and enjoy doing it together.

  • Once you’re in, you immediately have access to all the content. No lines. No waiting.

  • I check in with you via email every week, to see how it’s going and let you know what comes next. 

The result of all of this beautiful work is you come out the other side a whole new human. You understand you can choose — all of it. You stand in your power. Your self-awareness increases, which means you can change more of the things you don't like.

Then you notice you feel more connected to yourself and at ease. You begin to speak your mind. You spend more hours of your day in beautiful states and feelings. And you stop “shoulding” on yourself.

All that from one 17-shift audio program? Yes, and that's actually just the beginning.

So much more is available to you than you ever imagined. And it starts right here. 

Who is this for? 


This course is not about what you “do,” it’s about who you are.  It’s about YOU.    

So whether you’re an entrepreneur, stay-at-home-mom, CEO, professional, Artist, Healer, the list is endless, this is for you. 


This is for you if you are ready for change. Ready to stop feeling doubt-filled, triggered, and disconnected. Overwhelmed, frustrated and misunderstood.  Feel overrun by your mind.

This is for you if you’re ready to know you belong, stop apologizing and be YOU.  

Cut the Crap & Step Into Your Power is the gateway to letting go of the attitudes and behaviors that are killing your soul and creating the space and new ways of being needed to believe, own and stand in your greatness, your limitlessness and all the yummy things you desire.  

In order to have, be, do, feel, and create what you deeply desire, investing in yourself and doing the work of you it’s non-negotiable.  Before you can execute on any system, or strategy or plan…before you can access the abundant laws of the universe…before you can make new, sustainable changes in your external world, you MUST go within and do the work of YOU

This course is for ME!

"HOLY. SHIT. AMAZING. Each shift, I was like, “she’s talking right to me. This is the best one!” Then as I kept going, I realized one shift was even better than the next! I have starting making new choices in my life from the inspiration and coaching in this course. I have Cut the Crap and It’s changing my life!"

Jen G.

This course is designed to keep on giving, as you have LIFETIME ACCESS. Which is great and important because your mind learns through repetition, so you can listen to your audios over and over and on-demand when you need a little extra love or kick in the ass.  It’s like having me in your pocket 😊

Investment: One-time payment of $197.00 and it’s yours, for life. 

I AM this work.  It wasn’t until I dove deep into my own growth work that I was really able to shift my energy, change the paradigms I was living in and step out into feeling how I want to feel – like all the time!
I noticed that there were certain attitudes and habits that were bringing me down.
Like my need for control. At one time in my life my control was a badge of honor.  I’ve got this, leave it to me, I’ll get it done and no you can’t help, because you’ll just screw it up and then I have to control you too.  It’s seems ridiculous even typing that out, because now I live open and expanded. Ah….it feels fucking amazing.  
Or my insistent judgement and comparison with others.  That’s a sneaky one because you’re probably thinking what I thought – judgemental, no, not me!  Well, yup, it was me.  I started keeping a judgement journal and had to stop after 2 days because my judgement habit was crystal clear. Now, I live in a state of curiosity and that alone has changed me. 
There was a time when I blindly accepted what my mind was thinking. Where my mind was full, and running me, my feelings, and my life. Now, I live in a world where my mind is my greatest tool, it’s my human technology and I know how to work with it to choose my way into feeling, being, doing and having anything I want. 
 The truth is we’re all the same. And we share so many of the same themes, same blocks, same ways of getting in our own way.  But we walk around isolating ourselves, thinking we’re the only ones.  Not shining a light on our shit and not doing what we need to do to change it.  That ends NOW. 

This is how you begin to change. This is how you grow. This is how you become even more awesome than you already are. 

So, what are you waiting for? Say yes to yourself and grab it here!

"Nothing is more powerful and inspiring than having Tracy in your ears. Nothing. The audios allow me to listen as often and whenever I need to and it is changing my life, my business…it’s changing me."

Tara Zeller

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