It’s time to dig deeper, to shine brighter.

Unscrew yourself and never get in your own way again.

Mind Magic is the life-changing mindset mastery program and community where you’ll learn how to use your mind as the magical tool that it is to think like an unstoppable leader and support yourself in Becoming Her™.

Bring on the Magic!

How many thoughts do you think every single day? 

Okay, fine, I’ll tell you: 

60,000 thoughts.

And if you were to guess, what percentage of those thoughts are
actually contributing to you being the highest version of yourself?

You know who I’m talking about.

The powerful, phenomenal, unstoppable leader that you really are.

The one who’s legit 
a boss in her professional and personal life.

The one who knows the outside does not create the inside...and takes full responsibility for her inner environment. 

The one who’s on a mission to make a massive impact on the world.

We need you -- especially at times like these -- to not only be a leader, but to step up, build the habits and behaviors to consistently show up as the highest version of yourself, and raise the vibration of everyone you impact. 

Because you can meditate in the morning and do your gratitude at night...but who are you being in the 15 hours in between?


If you’re always on the go, in hustle mode, never slowing down, and constantly trying to control everything around you...


...That attitude, those emotions, that energy, that action (or lack thereof) is what is actually creating your reality.

And in order to really shift, change, grow, be visible, and make the impact that you dream about...

You have to become the observer of yourself and use your mind for its actual intended purpose:
to make magic. 


I know you’ve heard the platitudes; 

You are not your mind.

Change your thoughts, change your life. 

Mindset is everything.  

It’s all true, but it doesn’t tell us how.


I’m about to change all of that.

"There comes a point as a woman entrepreneur that you realize the thing that's holding you back isn't money; time; resources or lack of strategy and tactics. The thing that's holding you back is. . . YOU. That's where Tracy and Mind Magic come in; this program is such a beautiful dance between teaching and transformation; community and self-reflection that you can't help but jump in and play. Tracy is magic herself - she will make you believe in your limitless potential and give you a sharp kick when you are making your excuses your reality. Get in before Oprah finds out about her."

- Seema Bharwani, Content Creation Queen

See, I’ve got a knack for turning enigmatic mindset work into applicable practices + tools that actually shift the way you experience your reality. (Just call me the #PlatitudeWhisperer.)

Let’s start with this:

Thanks to this amazing little thing called neuroplasticity, it turns out that choosing new thoughts actually starts to rewire your brain.

What does that mean for you?

You get to support yourself in becoming HER, the woman in the vision.

The insanely powerful, deliciously magnificent human who chooses to:

  • Become the observer of yourself so that you stop running on autopilot, giving your power away, and being victim to your habits.
  • Free yourself from stress, frenetic energy, and fight-or-flight responses and live in a space from which you can respond instead of react.

  • Break up with your inner mean girl, shed self-judgment, quit self-flagellating, and start treating yourself with love and compassion.

  • Say goodbye to feeling resentful, easily triggered, and constantly judged, because nothing outside of you determines how you get to feel.

  • Shift your relationship with fear so that you can show up, be more visible, and take action to create your future self, one choice at a time.

  • Eradicate the great lie of unworthiness and finally believe that you are and you have always been enough.

  • Stop striving, settling, censoring, hiding, and shrinking, and finally embody and operate from the highest version of yourself. 


When you sign up for the Mind Magic experience, you’ll receive the life-changing 10-week course PLUS ongoing group coaching and community support for an entire YEAR!

Mind Magic 

  • 10 WEEKS OF MIND MAGIC MODULES broken down into digestible mini-lessons available in video, audio, and transcript format that will teach you the Mind Magic system for mastering your thoughts,  emotions, and energy so that you never get in your own way again.

  • BI-WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS SESSIONS where you can ask questions on the Mind Magic lessons and receive LIVE group coaching from Tracy.

  • A YEAR OF SUPPORT inside the Mind Magic Container where you can receive day-to-day support, share challenges, ask questions, celebrate wins, and be deeply held by a community of extraordinary, unconditionally loving women.

  • MONTHLY POP-UP MASTERCLASSES to support you as you level up... Energy Healing Sessions, Breathwork Sessions, epic bonus masterclasses and exciting trainings from Guest Experts!

  • WORKBOOKS + GROWTH TOOLS that you can work through and implement to begin to see results right away, and continue to apply to support you throughout your journey. 

  • DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO RECORDINGS of the 10-week Mind Magic training modules in one handy private podcast feed so that you can download to your phone, listen in the car or during your workout, use alongside your workbooks, or just revisit anytime you need a refresher on a certain topic or practice taught within Mind Magic.

  • WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTS of the Mind Magic lessons that make it easy to read through and absorb every bit of magic.

  • SYSTEM-ALTERING HYPNOSIS RECORDINGS that will help you reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can believe in your worth, embrace change, and create unstoppable confidence. (All while you sleep!)

  • ACCOUNTABILITY with the option to self-select another Mind Magician as your Accountability Partner within the group. Support each other through the coursework and cheer each other on as you gain mindset & energetic mastery.

  • MIND MAGIC MEMBER DIRECTORY where you can be featured, share more about your business or what you do, and connect and work with other Mind Magicians!

  • SURPRISES & GIVEAWAYS where you’ll have the opportunity to win bonus courses, bonus healing sessions, gift cards, Worthy Human merch, and more inspirational goodies! (Because there’s nothing Tracy loves more than spoiling her Mind Magicians.)



+ Epic Pay In Full Bonus

1:1 Private Session with Tracy Litt.

Yes, for real. Tracy does not offer private sessions outside of her high-level, long term engagements. This is a rare and awesome bonus when you pay in full.

Bonus spaces are limited, so grab your Mind Magic spot now!




Tracy’s energy of no bullshit, no excuses, tough love combined with true compassion and fierce love was the hook for me. I expected the work to transform me; what I could not have expected was how it has allowed me to do equally transforming work with my own clients. I feel completely unstoppable in a way that I did not before Mind Magic. It’s the most powerful investment I've ever made in myself.
- Laura Honeycutt, Success & Mindset Coach

What if you never, ever had to wait for anyone or anything outside of you to change before you could show up as the highest version of you?

Imagine having the power to consciously shift
how you feel, who you’re being, and what you’re able to matter what’s going on in your external circumstances.

You’ll stop waiting ‘til you get more clients, ‘til you get that promotion, ‘til your kids behave a certain way…(it’s never enough, is it?)

You won’t be relying on conditional happiness anymore.

You’ll simply be:

  • Using the power of metacognition to feed yourself the thoughts you need to think to become the person you want to be.

  • Cultivating a deep sense of self-trust so that you can live in an empowered state of calm, creativity, and flow.

  • Feeling more connected in your relationships and waking up every single day with a deep sense of gratitude that’s gone beyond the pages of your journal and into your state of being.

  • Guiding your own evolution with self-compassion and self-forgiveness and truly embracing the beautiful humanness that you are.

  • Stepping up, speaking up, and showing up as the visionary leader that the world needs you to be.

  • Actualizing your vision and impact while being happy, joyous, and present along the way. 

It's kind of magic.
Mind Magic. 

And it all starts with realizing this:

When you’ve embraced your innate worthiness, your humanness, the spiritual being that you are...and you’re willing to take radical personal responsibility for how you think...that’s when you really get free.

Hi! I’m Tracy, a spiritual advisor and mindset teacher to women leaders and entrepreneurs, a highly sought-after keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and international best-selling author of Worthy Human.

...And 4 years ago, I was none of those things.

I was a V.P. of Human Resources who was great at my job, with great kids and a great husband...and everything was
just fine. Despite all the external success I had created, I wasn’t satiated. I knew there was so much more for me. (Spoiler alert: there was.)

So how have I gotten to where I am today, having served thousands of women in 7 countries,
been featured in Entrepreneur, FastCompany, Thrive Global, TEDx, and, and created a powerhouse community of leaders?

Because I don’t believe anything I think. 

Instead of letting my mind run me,
I feed my mind the thoughts I need to think to show up as the highest possible version of myself.

It’s this unshakeable commitment to harnessing my mind magic that allows me to wake up every day feeling really, truly,
holy-shit-I-love-my-life grateful.

And it’s how I teach other visionary women leaders and entrepreneurs to rise in all aspects of themselves.

Will you be next?

I am feeling a higher level of confidence and trust in myself. I have the right tools to help me elevate my leadership and business and pursuing my goals. I have strengthened my overall mindset and have a greater belief in myself which has spilled into my personal relationships as well. I have noticed a difference across all facets of my life. I am so looking forward to the future of my business...and what this new version of me will accomplish!
- Ariana Elsie-Mcnally, Business & Executive Coach


A roadmap of your transformation.


Radical Personal Responsibility is the birthplace of your next level. We’ll dive deep into responsibility and the key role it plays in actualizing what you say you want. We’ll look at the emotions you’ve been addicted to, and move past conditional happiness, into what will become your Guiding Life Feelings. You cannot create a new future, living by feelings of the past.
What stops you from believing in yourself? What blocks you from believing in your inherent, non-negotiable worth? Together we will do deep self-discovery, and learn to consciously choose new beliefs that will support the truth of your awesomeness and clarity of your vision.  We’ll master the Daily Belief Practice and discover how to use the power of visualization and its role in how to embody who you’re becoming.
Did you know your mind is a meaning-maker, making meaning even where there isn’t meaning to be made? All day, on every single thing that happens. That’s why we must learn how to raise our self-awareness, shift perspective fast, and how to recognize, acknowledge, and move through resistance. We are talking high-level, non-judgemental, self-observation. 
Ready to stop being victim to your old habits and start making new choices? This is about one thing you need to master if you want to show up and BE HER. This is where being untouchable lives and using The Choice Method ™ begins.
We’ll dig into how you can consciously direct your mind to look for more of what you want so that you can live and create with more peace, ease, and satisfaction.
Ready to stop being victim to your old habits and start making new choices? This is about one thing you need to master if you want to show up and BE HER. This is where being untouchable lives and using The Choice Method ™ begins. We’ll dig into how you can consciously direct your mind to look for more of what you want so that you can live and create with more peace, ease, and satisfaction.
How are the words coming out of your mouth affecting your reality? There’s no denying the power of language -- or its role in creating sustainable change and the reality you want. Here, we’ll dive deep into how we speak about ourselves and unpack three incredible tools to help you harness the power of words.
What if you could stop mean-girling yourself and start rooting for you? It’s time to get clarity on the labels and limitations you put on yourself and how to stop that shit, now. You’ll step up as President of Your Own Fan Club and never get in your own way again.
What is fear, why does it exist, and how does it stop you? These are big questions we’re going to answer this week, as well as the distinction between fear and danger. I’ll show you how to identify your Fear Behaviors and how they’re holding you back -- so that your mind can never keep you locked in your comfort zone again.
How do you overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage, inaction, and lack? The answer may surprise you. Okay, I’ll give you a hint -- it’s by making friends with fear. Believe it or not, when you learn to love your fears, you become truly limitless. Sound like it’s easier said than done? Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how.
What practices can you carry with you for the rest of your evolution? In our final week, we recommit to where you want to go and make sure you’re armed with the tools and practices to face any challenges that come up along the way. We’ll also look at your new non-negotiables...and celebrate the shit out of ourselves.

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." 

Glinda - Wizard of Oz



Mind Magic will give you the tools to think on purpose and choose the thoughts that support you in becoming who you want to be, but the transformation that takes place in this experience is so much greater than that.

Let me be beautifully honest about what it really takes to transform:

Personal growth doesn’t happen in a few weeks or a couple months. It takes time to undo decades of programming.

(And anyone who says otherwise is insulting you.)

We’re human

We hit moments of frustration and fatigue, we get a little too attached to the outcome, we fall in and out of commitment. 

But when you learn how to hold space for yourself, stop judging yourself for every little feeling you have, and let your system talk to you...

...That’s when the magic happens.

It takes patience, consistency, and conviction.

That is why the Mind Magic experience isn’t done at the end of the 10-week training. You have the opportunity to truly support yourself in becoming the woman you want to be by working the work within the community for an entire year.

The longer you remain supported, anchored, and front-faced to this work, the more aware you become over time. 

The faster you notice things that need to change and shift. 

The stronger you become in moving yourself back into alignment.

The refractory period gets shorter and shorter.

You truly embrace just how much power you have, and have always had, to choose from the highest version of you. Always. 

And you empower yourself to truly enjoy all phases of the beautiful ride along the way.


Until you’ve experienced it, you can’t imagine the power of being immersed in a community of powerful women who want to see you transform.

(Because let’s face it -- everyone in your “ordinary life” is banking on you staying the same.)

We are primal, tribal creatures, and our number one basic human need is connection

I can’t overstate how impactful it is to look around and see others who are as committed to their transformation as you are.

The extraordinary women in the Mind Magic community are:


  • Having their highest revenue months ever.

  • Starting the businesses of their dreams.

  • Stepping up as corporate leaders and going for raises, promotions, and corner offices.

  • Breaking their emotional addictions.

  •  Leaving high-pressure, frenetic states in the past and learning to be the calm.

  • Falling in love, getting divorced, or getting back in the love game and finally dating again.

  • And so much more!

When you’re immersed in a community like this, it becomes safe to be seen as you really are and witnessed in your transformation.

Every woman deserves this unconditionally loving space, always.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it.


Heads up, Mind Magic is NOT for you if…

  • You think mindset work is BS and has no application in “real life.”

  • You want instant results, without effort.

  • You’re into blaming other people for your problems and you expect them to change without doing anything yourself.

  • You’re not willing to access a higher and higher level of awareness of yourself and your environment. 

  • You want to stay where you are, feeling what you’re feeling, doing what you’re doing, being who you’re being.    

  • You’re not interested in being uncomfortable and moving outside your zone of familiarity.

My definition of empowerment is to consciously and consistently access your power of choice to align with who you want to be, how you want to feel, and what you want to create.

And it’s truly your choice whether to join Mind Magic and empower yourself to think on purpose...or let your mind run with its same old tricks to keep you safe from change.

"Before Mind Magic I struggled with being a people pleaser, I always looked outside of myself. I didn’t have a voice. I thought I couldn’t make decisions. My mind was all over the place. I always needed acceptance and validation from others. Once I enrolled in mind magic things changed dramatically! I love saying no. I learned how to trust myself. 
Now, when I have to make decisions, I go within myself, use my practices, really listen to my body and how it feels. If you’re considering Mind Magic, just do it! It’s a life changing experience!
- Liz Amerouso, Hair Therapist

Have a question? Get it answered here! 


from Tracy

Someone once told me the definition of hell:

On my last day on Earth, the person I became met the person I could have become. 

Well, I’m here to help you with the BECOME part. ;-)

It breaks my heart to watch beautiful, limitless, wildly successful, and totally enough women struggle to believe in themselves, and their 1 in 400 trillion-ness. Witnessing the shaming, the internal mean girl...we’re walking around “against ourselves” and it’s killing our ability to be an unstoppable leader.

It’s unacceptable and it changes now and forever. 

It's impossible to be a great leader, to actualize your vision and impact, or be a successful entrepreneur without this inner work.

And let’s be clear...the work is never done. It’s not a destination. 

It’s a commitment to your evolution...and you CAN be happy, joyous, and present along the way.

My promise to you?

Work with me and I’m gonna love you hard. I’m gonna hold space for you. I’m gonna call you on your shit. You WILL cry. It’s a great thing -- you won’t be suppressing your feelings anymore -- and it’s a release of emotional congestion. You’ll shake your ass off at our weekly dance parties. 

But most of all, I’ll reflect back to you the powerful, worthy, being of infinite possibilities that you really are!




+ Epic Pay In Full Bonus

1:1 Private Session with Tracy Litt.

Yes, for real. Tracy does not offer private sessions outside of her high-level, long term engagements. This is a rare and awesome bonus when you pay in full.

Bonus spaces are limited, so grab your Mind Magic spot now!





What It’s Like to Work With Tracy

I have experienced increased income, growth in my team, abundance in many areas of my life, calm, safety, feeling enough, and alignment. Mind Magic is the key to everything.
- Marissa DeRosa, Network Marketing Professional   
Mind Magic is an essential component of personal growth. Beyond epic and transformational.  I was familiar with many of the concepts from NLP and years of growth work but the way Tracy teaches it penetrates in a new way. Mind Magic is the blueprint for how to get out of your own way.
- Jordan Duvall, Creative Director & Brand Strategist
As Leaders and Entrepreneurs, we are not only responsible for leading ourselves, but we are responsible for leading and influencing others.  We go first.  If we don't do this work, how do we expect others in our organizations to be the best versions of themselves.  Mind Magic teaches concepts and tools that are practical, replicable and applied multiple times a day for reinforcement. The morning rituals have been a game changer for me.
- Barbara Alexander, Leadership Consultant
Mind Magic helps you learn to love yourself.  Your ability to be happy and feel love is directly related to how much you LOVE and ACCEPT yourself unconditionally.  This work teaches you to install boundaries and remove toxic people from your life.  This work teaches you to be a self healer, and a steward of your own energy.  These skills are not optional for the human experience, let alone anyone who wishes to make an impact.
- Tammi Lipp,  Energy Coach
Working with phenomenal Tracy Litt has transformed my life and my way of thinking. I now have practices that I can implement at any given moment to keep me on track, get past my blocks and help me get out of my own way.
You will never regret investing in yourself and working with her. She is raw, real, incredibly effective and you are worth every single moment and penny. Choose you!
- Crystal McLean, Artist
The biggest result I had is the realization that thoughts are simply that. THOUGHT. Not cold, hard, set-in-stone facts that define your entire life. That changed everything. It changed me, my business, my life. Tracy is like brain magic for skeptics.

- Daire Paddy, Business Coach
After the first week in Mind Magic, I was seeing positive results in my life. I was gaining a better understanding of my unconscious behaviors and how I could shift my energy when I was feeling low-vibe. I started to take more action in my business. I was using my voice in a new way by sharing my message more confidently. I also found more patience as a mom
I would say to the person that is considering enrolling into Mind Magic, you deserve this. You deserve to spend the money on being part of a program and community that will change your life. Don't think about the cost of the one-time investment, but about what it will cost you if you don't make this investment. 
This was the best personal growth investment I have ever made and all areas of my life are reaping the benefits.

- Julie Nelson, Life & Mindset Coach
Because of Tracy I have learned how to change negative narratives in my mind and stay in a state of empowerment. I am now a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and my abundance is exponential. I wake up happy and am enjoying a richer emotional life. In a short time, my work with her did more than decades of therapy. On every level our relationship has taken me to the next evolution of myself...and I’m only getting started.

- Megan Meany, TV host & Entrepreneur
Working with Tracy has been nothing short of life shifting. The energy of my days is different, the energy in my marriage is different, and the energy in my business is refreshed.
You’re amazing, Tracy. Truly a gift. 

- Vicki Pollack, Network Marketer
What can I say about Mind Magic, absolutely transformational! Before I joined I was very far from ever thinking I could start my own business, never believed I could, I had knots in my stomach just thinking of it. Today I am partnering to open my new sales training business, I am a different person.
- Kathy Amar, Insurance Consultant
Before Mind Magic I allowed my thoughts to stop me from moving forward in my business and in my life. I was consistently stifled by thoughts of fear and lack. I enrolled in Mind Magic because I knew I needed to work on my mindset and how I was showing up. 
I am now moving forward in my business, I am facing my fears and moving through them, and I am happy to say that I am showing up every day, messy hair, t-shirt or fully put together it doesn't matter because I am in it and I am doing it! The power of this group format is unparalleled. It’s a built in support group, sisterhood, cheerleading section, whatever you need is there! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to join this game-changing experience!
- Faryl Moore, Energy Healer
Before Mind Magic, I had progressed as far as I could alone. I had learnt so much about the ‘why’ but I couldn’t actually translate the knowledge into the changes I desperately wanted. I needed help to take me to the next level.
 Mind Magic has changed me on so many levels! I now understand where my beliefs started, the reason for my perfectionism and need to control the outcome, what self-love really means and most importantly I learnt about FEAR! I am a different person now, I think differently, I’m braver and for the first time in a long time, excited about the future!!
I can’t recommend Mind Magic enough.
- Vicki Woods, Entrepreneur
After working with Tracy in Mind Magic, I could see clearly what was in my way: It was me, my old thoughts, and self-defeating patterns. The best part is that Tracy never judges you. She's right there with you, being open, vulnerable, and compassionate. Choosing Mind Magic was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
- Melanie Sparks, Copywriter
Tracy is a no-nonsense, compassionate, and all-encompassing force of nature. Through Mind Magic, she gives you all the tools you could ever need to start owning your choices and taking control of your destiny.” 
- Alexis Field, Actor
I've done a lot of stuff, but none as powerful as Mind Magic.  Mind Magic is the fuel you need to take action. When Tracy said it was the work that makes all the other work work, she wasn't kidding.  It is the foundation for a happy, success-filled life.  It is KEY for running a business and being a leader in your own life.
- Krista Resnick, Leadership Expert & Coach
I thought the idea of being innately worthy was the biggest woo-woo crock I had ever heard. That's because I had never done Mind Magic. Now I wake up every day feeling completely worthy, and it is now my personal mission to show everyone around me that they are innately worthy as well. How are we never taught this?
- Gaby Abrams, Rapid Transformational Business Coach



+ Epic Pay In Full Bonus

1:1 Private Session with Tracy Litt.

Yes, for real. Tracy does not offer private sessions outside of her high-level, long term engagements. This is a rare and awesome bonus when you pay in full.

Bonus spaces are limited, so grab your Mind Magic spot now!