What does it take to be 
a truly extraordinary female leader?

  • The kind of leader who’s always grounded in her power, no matter what’s going on around her, and deeply trusts herself to make decisions.
  • The highly conscious leader others turn to for guidance, wisdom, and inspiration.
  • The woman whose energy instantly lights up every room she enters.
  • The magnetic woman who meets every opportunity with an unshakable sense of self and the commitment to show up as the highest version of herself.




Can I let you in on a secret?

It’s not about being the perfect, superhuman, infallible robot you’ve been believing you need to be.


It’s not about holding it together, being ‘strong,’ and not asking for help.


It’s not about stuffing your feelings, staying busy, and being afraid to enjoy your success.

Being an Extraordinary female leader requires you to understand a new paradigm:

You are a spiritual being having a human experience and when you embody this truth, it changes the game. 

Whether you’re a corporate leader, a thought leader, or a leader of your own business, I know you’re here because this isn’t your first rodeo.

You’ve read Brené Brown. Super Soul Sunday is your church. And I don’t have to tell you that the Universe has your back.


Yet despite all the external success you’ve already created, you also know that you’ve barely scratched the surface on the impact you’re here to make, and the joy you can feel.

Within you lies an insane depth and breadth of inner power...and I’m here to show you how to use it.

Here’s the formula

Enlightenment + Empowerment = The New Paradigm of Extraordinary Leadership.

If you could:

  • Use your voice unapologetically and lead the way for others to do the same...
  • Regulate your nervous system, so you stop relying on short-term stress and connect to a deep well of ease that never runs dry…
  • Quit settling, censoring, and hiding, and finally show up in the fullest expression of who you are...
  • Raise your consciousness and level of mind allowing you to make your ceiling your floor...
  • Leverage the power of healing, neuroscience and quantum law to seamlessly and joyfully take yourself and your impact to the next level…

...What would that mean to you?

I can tell you right now, being this kind of leader is based on one thing, and one thing alone -- the evolution of YOU.


If you’re ready and committed to a new way of living, leading, and being, I’m here to light the way for you inside The Elevation Experience.


It’s a 7-DAY ONLINE PROGRAM designed to help you access (and practice!) the 7 superpowers that will elevate you to the next level of yourself, your leadership, and your impact.


Each day of the experience will feature a highly-potent teaching session PLUS a way to put the lesson into practice for deepened self-discovery and expansion.

It’s time to evolve and have a blast doing it.
It’s time to ELEVATE.




HOSTED BY Tracy Litt


success mentor for visionary women leaders and entrepreneurs, a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and CEO of The Litt Factor.

I teach and support women to play at the crossroads of neuroscience and quantum law so they can elevate into the highest versions of themselves, becoming congruent to their vision, thus actualizing the next levels of their impact, success, and wealth with ease and joy.


My work has served thousands of women across 7 countries and has been featured in Entrepreneur, FastCompany, Thrive Global, TEDx, Inc.com, Forbes, and Success.


Hang with me and you’ll find I’m a powerhouse of energy, exuding unconditional love and light...but I’m also stunningly direct, getting straight to the heart of what’s real and what’s true.

I’ve also been called:

  • “Cut-The-Shit Litt”
  • #PlatitudeWhisperer (Give me your platitudes and I’ll make them practical and applicable)
  • The Cure for Emotional Congestion
    (Warning: Spend enough time with me and you WILL cry...and that’s a great thing! We all need to cry more)
  • "The loving smack in the face I didn't know I needed"

In short, I’m here to wake you up to how outrageously capable you already are.

Let’s take a peek into the superpowers 
you’ll unlock within The Elevation Experience:


We spend most of our lives in fight, flight, or freeze - powered by high levels of stress, pressure, and intensity...all of which are unnecessary and unhelpful. Calm is the space where you access your creativity, and flow; cultivate new levels of consciousness and self-awareness; and create the safety needed to make new conscious choices and expand. Calm is magic. When you practice the Power of Calm, you’ll learn how to create a flexible nervous system, embody ease, and become an unstoppable leader, personally and professionally.


Every great leader owns their shit and understands how essential it is to demote their ego and promote their soul. Blame, excuses, justification, rationalization, victimhood...these are all just ways we abdicate our power. Radical Personal Responsibility is the birthplace of your next level. It’s a depth of honesty that represents an immeasurable love of self. Master this and you’ll reclaim your power, operate from it, and consistently generate the experiences you desire. You, my beautiful friend, are the cause of the effect.


There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a powerful woman leader who treats herself poorly. Yes, the patriarchy. Yes, the media. Yes, your upbringing, culture, and ideals have influenced this, but enough’s enough. It’s time to stop being against yourself. Discover how to release self-judgment and practice self-compassion in a practical way that honors the beautiful, limitless, wildly successful woman you are.


You know the platitude “change your thoughts, change your life.” And you’ve heard that you are not your mind -- now, it’s time to put it into action and make neuroplasticity work for you on a practical level! Stop believing everything you think and learn how to shift the quality of your thinking & perspective, so you can operate from a new level of mind, thus allowing you to embody the next level of yourself, NOW.


How many women walk around every day completely emotionally congested? How many women are shrinking and denying the fullest expression of themselves? How many women dim their light to avoid feeling all the feelings that come with it? 

(Hint: Way too many.) 

When emotion starts to come up and you don’t have time for it. Push it down, shove it away, and definitely don’t cry. It’s bullshit. When you hit a huge success milestone, yet you barely share it with others or celebrate yourself. Also bullshit. 

All that suppression is blocking your ability to be an unstoppable leader. Get ready to discover the power of feeling your feelings without judgment and freeing yourself from emotional congestion.


Ever wonder why everything is so serious all the time? Does two minutes of traffic really have to ruin your day? No. Does being passed up for a promotion really have to ruin your life? Of course not! Does not selling out your launch mean you won’t build a legacy? Not even close! It takes higher consciousness, and a hell-of-a-lot less seriousness to not let every little thing that happens outside of you drive you into a constricted, intense, less enjoyable version of yourself. When you employ The Power of Levity, you’ll have FUN day in, and quickly realize that it’s the easiest way to actualize your vision, while enjoying every moment on the way there!


“Relax, there’s nothing under control,” said no brain, ever. Your brain hates the unknown. But guess what? It’s also the place that contains all the limitless potential you’ve yet to access. The Power of the Unknown will allow you to play in the delicious space of possibility, and untapped potential. Get ready to dramatically shift the paradigm of uncertainty, and embrace the awesomeness of being able to say, “I have no idea what will happen next, and I love it!”

Ready to become the super-powered, magnetic, outrageously amazing leader you came here to be?





What It’s Like to Work With Tracy Litt

That toothpaste isn't going back in the tube. Through all that Tracy led, I admitted to myself that I wasn't pursuing the avenue in my business that is closest to my soul. I was dancing around it. Thinking and telling myself I had to wait until later in life. I feel like I have permission to go be ALL of myself, not just a piece or a hint of who I am, but that I have been put here on this earth to do the very thing I love and share it with the world.

Erin Monoghan

Artist & Designer

My life has been transformed in a matter of months. I am a different human being. Before I found Tracy, I had a beautiful life, but my fears, anxieties and uncontrolled mind kept me in a state of panic and pressure. I now live in a constant state of ease.

Her style makes complex concepts easy to understand while being deep and profound. Her coaching is always on point, compassionate, loving and effective. If you have found her, consider yourself the luckiest person on earth because she will give you the rest of your life back to live as you truly deserve.

Danielle Igoe

Associate Vice President at The Carlyle Group

Tracy is a no nonsense, compassionate, and all-encompassing force of nature. With Tracy's help, I was able to confront underlying self-limiting stories that didn't serve the life and business I was trying to create for myself. Once aware of the illusion I was able to take conscious action to rewire my thought process and begin to let go of what has been holding me back for so long.

Tracy cultivates a familial setting and community founded on love, trust, tears, and shimmies. I felt like I had a whole team of people cheering me on and invested in my well-being!

Alexis Field

Actor & Musician

I knew that working with Tracy would be transformative but I never imagined it would be to this extent. It is the SINGLE best thing I have ever done for my personal development.

Tracy introduced me to practices to help me stay out of my head and in my heart. She helped me put practical mindset tools into my business, allowing me to grow exponentially. Most of all, she helped me learn to feel deeply and understand that THIS is where I hold my greatest power.

Rachel Slotnick

Founder of Mindstrong Fitness & Forthcoming Author

Because of Tracy I have learned how to change negative narratives in my mind and stay in a state of empowerment. I am now a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and my abundance is exponential. I wake up happy and am enjoying a richer emotional life. In a short time, my work with her did more than decades of therapy. On every level our relationship has taken me to the next evolution of myself...and I’m only getting started.

Megan Meany

TV Host, Storyteller for Global Brands,& Founder of Mega Media

I used to be scared to show up and take action because of what people might think. Not anymore! This newfound confidence is amazing. I feel unstoppable. Tracy is the real deal.

Brenna Kulwin

Empowerment Coach at Breanna Kulwin

Tracy’s “it’s yours to take” mentality is powerful and effective. Her words are implanted in my brain and continuously spur me to action, empowering me to earn new business clients. Her words and philosophies are helpful and contagious and truly impact me.

Holly Sokoloff

Communications Consultant

Tracy Litt speaks to your heart and soul. Her message was a catalyst for my own spiritual growth. She is real, pure and truly embodies her higher self. In a time where you have an array of self-development options to choose from, Tracy is one of the best.

Karolina Mankowski

Business & Spiritual Coach

  [email protected]