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You're Afraid of Success. It's a Thing and Here's What to Do

You’re afraid of success. 

I know! What?? It sounds insane! The whole reason you get up at 4 AM and drink your bulletproof coffee or kale smoothie is to strive towards success, right? 

(By the way, if you think a 4 AM alarm is crucial to success, we need to talk. Text me at 561-473-3318 and yes, it’s really me on the other end of the line!)

Wouldn’t you argue the only reason you do anything is to be successful? So why would you strive to be successful... if you’re afraid of success?

Why is Success Scary?

Because of our ass-backwards understanding of what success means for our lives and happiness, 99% of people are scared of the very things they want.

Why? What would make us so afraid?

What IS the Fear of Success?

The fear of success is tied to a deeply held but seldom discussed belief: that it’s not safe to be happy. 

Let me explain: you fear success because success means having it all  — in your career, love life,...

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The Most Overlooked Quality Blocking Abundance for Women Leaders

How good are you at receiving?


If you’re like 99% of the women when they start working with me, the truth is…. Not very good. 


The problem is, most high-achieving women think that by not needing help or asking for support they’re being strong, independent and successful. The opposite couldn’t be more true: 


A Misunderstood Essential Leadership Quality


To be an extraordinary leader you must be an extraordinary receiver. You must be able to receive support, inspiration, ideas, perspectives, money, compliments, love, and more. 


When you’re blocking your ability to receive, it’s as if you’re putting your hands out in front of you, telling the Universe no no no I’m fine it’s fine I don’t need anything leave me alone! 


Which creates a HUGE block to abundance and success for a majority of women. It was a block for me, too!

Two Subtle Ways I (Almost) Block(ed)...

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You’re Ignoring the Most Dangerous Addiction of All

What’s the first thing you feel when you wake up?

Worry? Anxiety? Resentment? It happens so fast it’s like you have no choice in the matter. 

What if I told you these uncomfortable feelings (and all uncomfortable feelings) are addictions that you can let go and have a joyful life of waking up stress-free?

You don’t know you’re addicted

My favorite definition of addiction is this:

“Continued use despite adverse consequences.” — Judson Brewer, M.D., Ph.D

Be honest: you continue to allow and affirm disempowering emotions despite adverse consequences, don’t you?

Not only disempowering emotions that make YOU feel bad, but emotions that make you bite your kids’ heads off, distance yourself from your partner, and judge yourself and everyone else constantly, and make you unapproachable. It feels like garbage, and yet… you continue to do it. 

You might be thinking, “sure, Tracy, but I can CHOOSE not to eat...

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Why Women Underinvest in their Most Valuable Asset

Here’s the truth: too few women don't invest money in themselves.

I’m not talking about spending on a Louis Vuitton handbag. I’m talking about investing money in things that will make you better, happier, and more connected with yourself. 

We will invest in everything else — our kids, the stock market, real estate, a friend’s business, art — before we invest money in ourselves. 

It’s insane. And it stops now. 

THIS is the Safest, Surest Investment You’ll Make

There’s a new paradigm to invest your money: in YOU. 

Investing is expending money with the expectation of receiving more in return. You’re either growing or you’re dying, and the only actual asset you have is yourself. So what could possibly guarantee you greater ROI than investing in YOU?

“That woman… no longer exists.”

What happens when you invest in yourself is you step into the abundant being you are. Investing in...

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For the Women who Don’t Feel like Leaders: This is for You

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2020

Do you think of yourself as a leader?

I hope so. But if you’re a woman, the answer is likely no! Studies find that even young girls don’t see themselves as leaders, despite the fact that women score higher than men in most leadership skills. 

I work with high-achieving women entrepreneurs and professionals, and I’m heartbroken by how many of you don’t see yourselves as leaders. 

Yet you have a vision to run an entrepreneurial empire or get that corner office. You want to create a legacy and impact thousands. And yet… you don’t see yourself as a leader?? What is going on!?

The Archaic Leadership Paradigm Holding Women (and Everyone) Back

What’s going on is this: we’re used to a faulty paradigm of leadership that is grossly outdated and patriarchal. It’s hierarchical, title-oriented, and authoritarian. It doesn’t reflect who we are or how we see ourselves, and it doesn’t feel good. No wonder so many...

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Stop Hoping and Wishing: THIS is how you Make Your Vision a Reality

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

I’m here to tell you what’s really blocking you from creating what you want in your life right now. And I want to tell you how to unblock yourself. Keep reading, because you can do this. 

It’s incredibly simple, yet 99% of people don’t understand it. Which explains why 99% of people spend their lives hoping, wishing, praying, and wanting, but never actualizing what they truly desire.

This is it. This is the big, bad “secret” to getting what you desire: You cannot achieve your desires as the woman you are today, with your current choices, beliefs, thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t work that way, simple as that. There are no shades of gray. 

Becoming… HER

If reading that made you feel like you were punched in the gut, hold on. I’ve got you. The solution is as simple as the problem:

In order for you to have something different, to have more, to write that book, make that money, start that business, experience that...

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How to Never Let Outside Circumstances Dictate How You Feel

You have the power to stay centered, emotionally secure, and make powerful progress during any situation in your life. 

This is the truth: the power of how to respond to what you experience is in your hands. 

Well actually... it’s in your mind

It’s the inner mindset work I call Mind Magic™, and I will show three steps for how to start using it today. Because we, as individuals and a community, must work on this right now. 

This global pandemic we’re experiencing is like a personal growth retreat none of us asked for. Nonetheless it is happening, and you’re not alone if you’ve felt your confidence falter. In fact, 53% of respondents rated the impact of the COVID-19 on their anxiety and stress levels as moderate to severe.

This hurts my heart, because I know it does not have to be this way.

From Anxious to Entrepreneurial

My client Danielle is gorgeous proof that you can choose how to respond to what’s happening...

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Got Conviction? The #1 Quality Fierce Women Leaders Need Above All Else

I am taken aback by the mindset of lack and scarcity I see from powerful women entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries right now. I’m seeing a lot of women fall into a simple but profound mindset trap that blocks the #1 quality leaders need most: conviction. Conviction is what makes the difference between the leaders who make their impact and move their missions forward, and those who do not. And it is our responsibility and privilege to protect and nurture our conviction.

The Mindset Trap Stealing Your Conviction

This is the mindset trap I see countless women leaders fall into: you believe something is going to happen outside you that will interfere with your current success, happiness, and contentment.  It’s an external variable dependency — you depend on external variables for your internal wellbeing — and it poisons your success, growth, impact and happiness.

This mindset trap blocks you from feeling happy and from expressing the truth of how...

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The Hottest Truth You Must Embrace to Lead During Unprecedented Times

If your current reality is anything less than 1000% rich, fulfilled, and satisfying, something needs to shift.

 And for 99.99% of my clients, what needs to shift is your need for control. 

Let me make something fundamental clear right now: any control you think you have is an illusion. But that doesn’t stop you from making the attempt, does it? 

And listen, it’s natural: it’s not because you messed up and missed a crucial class in the School of Life. No. To understand your mind is to understand that your mind thinks it needs to know. It’s that need to know that keeps you feeling nauseous with anxiety, chewing your nails off, and mentally hyperventilating with the attempt to control, control, control what’s happening around you.

Why Control is Strangling You

Here’s the truth: There is nothing under control. Ever.

When you resist this truth, what you’re in is constriction: that ache of tension in your neck and...

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The Self Worth Trap Plaguing Women Leaders

Sit down, buckle up, and turn off your notifications. We need to have a conversation about your self-worth, right now. 

The lies you’ve been believing about your worth are crippling you. They are stifling your brilliance, your joy, and your ability to serve and impact others. And what the world needs right now, always and especially as we face an unprecedented global crisis, are people abundant with the conviction of their worth and the energy that follows to serve each other and bring peace. And it starts here, with what you believe about your enough-ness. 

Listen: every single woman (every human, really, but I work with women) suffers from this true pandemic: not feeling like “enough”: good enough, smart enough, tall enough, pretty enough, experienced enough… fill-in-the-blank enough. (Show me a woman who’s never had this thought, and… wait. You can’t. Because every single woman goes through this.)

These are worth issues....

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