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How to Never Let Outside Circumstances Dictate How You Feel

You have the power to stay centered, emotionally secure, and make powerful progress during any situation in your life. 

This is the truth: the power of how to respond to what you experience is in your hands. 

Well actually... it’s in your mind

It’s the inner mindset work I call Mind Magic™, and I will show three steps for how to start using it today. Because we, as individuals and a community, must work on this right now. 

This global pandemic we’re experiencing is like a personal growth retreat none of us asked for. Nonetheless it is happening, and you’re not alone if you’ve felt your confidence falter. In fact, 53% of respondents rated the impact of the COVID-19 on their anxiety and stress levels as moderate to severe.

This hurts my heart, because I know it does not have to be this way.

From Anxious to Entrepreneurial

My client Danielle is gorgeous proof that you can choose how to respond to what’s happening...

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Got Conviction? The #1 Quality Fierce Women Leaders Need Above All Else

I am taken aback by the mindset of lack and scarcity I see from powerful women entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries right now. I’m seeing a lot of women fall into a simple but profound mindset trap that blocks the #1 quality leaders need most: conviction. Conviction is what makes the difference between the leaders who make their impact and move their missions forward, and those who do not. And it is our responsibility and privilege to protect and nurture our conviction.

The Mindset Trap Stealing Your Conviction

This is the mindset trap I see countless women leaders fall into: you believe something is going to happen outside you that will interfere with your current success, happiness, and contentment.  It’s an external variable dependency — you depend on external variables for your internal wellbeing — and it poisons your success, growth, impact and happiness.

This mindset trap blocks you from feeling happy and from expressing the truth of how...

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The Self Worth Trap Plaguing Women Leaders

Sit down, buckle up, and turn off your notifications. We need to have a conversation about your self-worth, right now. 

The lies you’ve been believing about your worth are crippling you. They are stifling your brilliance, your joy, and your ability to serve and impact others. And what the world needs right now, always and especially as we face an unprecedented global crisis, are people abundant with the conviction of their worth and the energy that follows to serve each other and bring peace. And it starts here, with what you believe about your enough-ness. 

Listen: every single woman (every human, really, but I work with women) suffers from this true pandemic: not feeling like “enough”: good enough, smart enough, tall enough, pretty enough, experienced enough… fill-in-the-blank enough. (Show me a woman who’s never had this thought, and… wait. You can’t. Because every single woman goes through this.)

These are worth issues....

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