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You're Afraid of Success. It's a Thing and Here's What to Do

You’re afraid of success. 

I know! What?? It sounds insane! The whole reason you get up at 4 AM and drink your bulletproof coffee or kale smoothie is to strive towards success, right? 

(By the way, if you think a 4 AM alarm is crucial to success, we need to talk. Text me at 561-473-3318 and yes, it’s really me on the other end of the line!)

Wouldn’t you argue the only reason you do anything is to be successful? So why would you strive to be successful... if you’re afraid of success?

Why is Success Scary?

Because of our ass-backwards understanding of what success means for our lives and happiness, 99% of people are scared of the very things they want.

Why? What would make us so afraid?

What IS the Fear of Success?

The fear of success is tied to a deeply held but seldom discussed belief: that it’s not safe to be happy. 

Let me explain: you fear success because success means having it all  — in your career, love life,...

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The Self Worth Trap Plaguing Women Leaders

Sit down, buckle up, and turn off your notifications. We need to have a conversation about your self-worth, right now. 

The lies you’ve been believing about your worth are crippling you. They are stifling your brilliance, your joy, and your ability to serve and impact others. And what the world needs right now, always and especially as we face an unprecedented global crisis, are people abundant with the conviction of their worth and the energy that follows to serve each other and bring peace. And it starts here, with what you believe about your enough-ness. 

Listen: every single woman (every human, really, but I work with women) suffers from this true pandemic: not feeling like “enough”: good enough, smart enough, tall enough, pretty enough, experienced enough… fill-in-the-blank enough. (Show me a woman who’s never had this thought, and… wait. You can’t. Because every single woman goes through this.)

These are worth issues....

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