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The Most Overlooked Quality Blocking Abundance for Women Leaders

How good are you at receiving?


If you’re like 99% of the women when they start working with me, the truth is…. Not very good. 


The problem is, most high-achieving women think that by not needing help or asking for support they’re being strong, independent and successful. The opposite couldn’t be more true: 


A Misunderstood Essential Leadership Quality


To be an extraordinary leader you must be an extraordinary receiver. You must be able to receive support, inspiration, ideas, perspectives, money, compliments, love, and more. 


When you’re blocking your ability to receive, it’s as if you’re putting your hands out in front of you, telling the Universe no no no I’m fine it’s fine I don’t need anything leave me alone! 


Which creates a HUGE block to abundance and success for a majority of women. It was a block for me, too!

Two Subtle Ways I (Almost) Block(ed)...

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The Self Worth Trap Plaguing Women Leaders

Sit down, buckle up, and turn off your notifications. We need to have a conversation about your self-worth, right now. 

The lies you’ve been believing about your worth are crippling you. They are stifling your brilliance, your joy, and your ability to serve and impact others. And what the world needs right now, always and especially as we face an unprecedented global crisis, are people abundant with the conviction of their worth and the energy that follows to serve each other and bring peace. And it starts here, with what you believe about your enough-ness. 

Listen: every single woman (every human, really, but I work with women) suffers from this true pandemic: not feeling like “enough”: good enough, smart enough, tall enough, pretty enough, experienced enough… fill-in-the-blank enough. (Show me a woman who’s never had this thought, and… wait. You can’t. Because every single woman goes through this.)

These are worth issues....

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